Galashiels Academy

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School Improvement Plan 2016-17

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BGE GO!:To improve Broad General Education (S1-S3) experience through assessment and next steps based on SALs and challenge and progression to the Senior Phase


L&T GO!: To improve the consistency of high quality learning and teaching using the consistency poster to meet the needs of all learners through self-evaluation, TLCs, peer observation and feedback


 Vision GO!: To improve the mindset of all learners, staff and parents/ carers to promote the school vision and develop an ambitious and aspirational ethos in the school community.


 PSP GO!: To improve the entitlement of personal support through Personal Support Periods to provide a platform for pupils to reflect on the key questions:

·         Where am I in my learning?

·         Where do I need to get to?

·         How am I going to get there?

·         Where is learning working well?

·         What are the barriers to my learning?