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Ipad Help Documents

This information on this help page is specifically for the Galashiels cluster of schools. Most of the information is applicable to all the SBC / CGI ipads and you are welcome to troubleshoot ipad problems using it where ever you live in the Borders. However please contact your local school to resolve problems. DONT contact Galashiels Academy as we dont have access to the background systems for other schools & we wont be able to help you

For everything to work successfully on the ipad there are 3 things that must all be set up correctly in a specific order.

1) safari browser must be connecting to the internet successfully.
2) the Outlook mail app must be logged in
3) Your Apple ID must be logged in correctly

once these 3 conditions have been satisfied the office apps, Teams etc should log in correctly. Most issues are caused by changing your Glow password on a classroom computer and forgetting to change it on the ipad.

Ensure your ipad is fully charged ready for school use. A full charge will last several days of normal day to day use.

 Please remember when leave school & return your ipad we need the ipad, case, the official Apple plug & the original cable returned.



 PLEASE Keep your ipad up to date!



Common problems with the IPADS

 There are assorted issues that affect the functionality of the ipads. These are the common ones we see. Please click on a topic which will take you to a new page with the help information on it.


Proxy error / Safari browser not connecting to the internet

Outlook App not working

Apple ID message keeps popping up

Setting up a new / replacement ipad

Ipad Charging problems

Ipad locked due to forgotten PIN

Teams / Word / One Drive isnt working

Joining Showbie

The time on the ipad is 8 hours slow

Apps missing, accidentally deleted, or just not working properly.

Trying to open files gives a "cannot display preview" message

Glow / email password reset required but school is shut

Returning a document in Teams 

Satchel One is no longer being used by SBC & is to be automatically removed from ipads in the near future