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Ipad Help Documents

Apps missing or deleted from the ipad

A nice easy fix - go into the self service icon (the rainbow coloured one) and choose the app(s) that you require. As long as you are connected to the internet the app will appear on the desktop.


Glow / email password reset required 

Either phone (01896) 754788 or email the school We need the pupils name and we will ensure the password is changed as a high priority job.



Most problems here are just using the wrong option to log into Show My Homework. Please make sure you are using the "Log In Via Office 365" option near the bottom of the page.

You will need your full glow email address (eg


More details on logging into Show My Homework (pdf file)




Proxy error / Safari browser not connecting to the internet

This is quite a common issue but is fairly easy to fix. It mainly occurs when trying to rejoin the school wifi system after using the device on home wifi

90% of issues can be fixed by following the instructions on this guide


Forgotten parental SHOW MY HOMEWORK code

If you have forgotten the parentsl smh code please email the school. We are looking into how to get forgotten parental codes reissued. In the meantime you can get a general overview of what has been set by year / class / teacher here: Show My Homework overview


Returning a homework document using Teams

 If you are asked to return a document in Teams and dont know how to do it have a look at this guide

Returning an assignment in Teams


Lost or broken charging plugs & cables

We were not provided with any extra charging plugs or cables. If you have lost or broken yours then you have to replace it yourself. Please remember when leave school & return your ipad we need the plug & cable back as well.