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Pupil council


Galashiels Academy pupil council meet on a regular basis-usually twice monthly-to discuss issues that are important to the pupils. Each member represents their year group and house. Pupils can apply at the start of the year to join pupil council. They write an application form and approval for membership is given by the pupil chair of the council and Mr Changleng (who liaises with pastoral teachers).


This session, the council have set these 5 main issues to discuss and action:


*the school and local environment

*flow of pupils around the building and noise

*opportunities in the school for pupils, including how we poverty proof trips.

*facilities in the school and their upgrade

*engaging with local partners to support the school.


The council also react to issues as they occur. For example, there was a perceived issue with noise specifically in the canteen and the council recorded noise levels over a week and liaised with SLT and the canteen staff to help improve the situation.

This session the pupil council have been involved in lots of questionnaires to capture pupil voice. The latest questionnaire was about Teaching and Learning and what pupils think about the quality in school. The next questionnaire is about what council would do to improve attendance in school.

We have had visitors to council to support our work eg a Depute Head Teacher from Midlothian and an ex-SBC Headteacher. Our school police officer has also met with the group as have representatives of other school partners.

Louise Rawlins our school CLD worker is a regular visitor to council and she supports the work we do especially around the area of working with local partners eg the Eildon Partnership Group.


If you wish to add any items to council business, please add your items to the poster on the Pupil Council noticeboard and it will be brought up at the next meeting.